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Send a attention-grabbing presentation to future customers. Submit satisfaction surveys to those who already are.

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You Can Stand Out

From the crowd, and overcome current challenges while contributing to a better planet.

Grab the Attention of Your Audience

We Simplify App empowers you to create and develop a unique, long-lasting connection with current and future customers, in any circumstances!

Simplify Networking, Sales, Follow-up, and Customer Surveys.

Send an interactive presentation and automatically integrate all your contacts into a CRM and create digital communication campaigns, satisfaction surveys, and follow-up, without any physical support.

All this in an Efficient, Ecological, and Safe Way!

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We Simplify

The Eco-Friendly Marketing App, that help you generate leads and connect with prospects and customers in a sustainable, efficient, and safe way.

Step 1

You meet someone in a professional networking context, or provide a service / sell a product.

Step 2

With just a click, send a attencion grabing presentation, contacts, and/or satisfaction survey.

Step 3

The customer receives and never loses your contacts. Customer/connection contacts are automatically placed in your CRM.

Step 4

A lasting connection is created and the response rate to satisfaction surveys is increased by more than 400%.


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